26 1/2 Years of Gratitude

26 1/2 Years of Gratitude

As most of you know, Buds and I had our 25th wedding anniversary on July 1. We had our first date on February 4, the year before that. We were engaged after a month, and I knew the night I met him that this was it. Whatever it was I was feeling, I had never felt it before.

Or as a friend told me, “Not everyone gets the fairytale, Ginnie.”

So, I get it. I know how incredibly blessed I am.

Every dang day I am grateful.

Then, tonight, something happened that reminded me anew what an outstandingly kind, loving human I have tied my life to.

Buds spent a full 5-10 minutes telling me what he thought my special “business” talents were. It was an honest, generous, specific list of the skills he truly thinks I bring to meetings and the groups I am in.

The list of things he shared aren’t relevant. What matters to me is that he has taken the time to notice. He’s taken the time to think about what I bring to the world.

Being seen, and truly understood, by the person I respect and adore most in the whole entire world; that is one of the many reasons the last 26 1/2 years have gone so quickly.

Thank you, Buds, for reminding me of the parts of myself I sometimes forget.