Cluckdate #6: Cluckingham Palace

Cluckdate #6: Cluckingham Palace

Buds and I put together a new home for the chicks in the garage to begin the transition to their eventual outdoor home.

They have settled in fine, having slept down there for a couple nights. They have little interest in going up into the coop yet. They prefer being where there’s lots of light.

A couple funny things have happened.

We thought we had a little time before they flew up and out of this new, improved, larger, taller pen, but when Buds and I walked into the garage yesterday two of them were perched on the side of the pallet wall, looking smug.

Then when Monkey checked on them early this morning, all three of them were sitting on the floor of the garage, next to the pen.

We’ve added screens over the top and stuffed up any possible holes.

They continue to cheep away, happy and hearty. We’ll start taking them outside and then in a couple weeks out they’ll go for good.

We’ve worked hard to make sure Mocha knows they are family members…not for eating…so she has gotten lots of time with them, too. This has meant that when we go down to visit them she often doesn’t want to leave them. She hates when her family members separate, and she doesn’t like to choose.

I’ll just stay here with my peeps.

Additionally, Uncle Z brought over one of their dogs to meet Mocha. They got along famously, until their doggo started getting too interested in the chicks. Mocha informed him clearly, “Do not mess with my chicks!”

I’m looking forward to seeing her with them outdoors.

The Farm At The Shoebox continues to thrive.