Cluckdate #4

Cluckdate #4

Buddie’s dreams of a Pet Fight Club were dashed yesterday when both Mocha and the cats were introduced to the chicks.

And the chicks aren’t exactly itching for a fight either.

We tossed a live ant in with the chicks that we caught running around in the kitchen.

The chicks stopped short of shrieking in terror, but they did run to the other end of the bathtub and huddle together behind the feeder, peaking around to see if the ant was still running around.

Pretending to be brave after encounter with ant.

Similarly, the cats were terrified of the chicks.

Mocha’s main concern was if her people were more interested in the chicks than in petting her.

Yes, yes, they are fine.

Wait, do you still love me best?!

Hey, you could be using that other hand to pet me!

None of the drama Buds was hoping. Exactly the lack of drama the rest of us wanted.