We’ve done it with cats, dogs, and children…

For years being the ones who could accurately and seamlessly decipher our children’s speech patterns was up to Buds and me. We used sign language with all the kids, which anyone could understand, but the garbles that all toddlers pass through were up to us to interpret.

We could tell you what our cats were meowing about and what messages our dogs’ barks were meant to convey.

Let the games begin again, and this time the children can be part of the deciphering.

We brought the baby chicks home today, and we’re having to try and understand through their body language and chirps what they are trying to tell us.

Ready for new residents.

A loving friend gave us the chicks and is lending us all the supplies we need to get them up and running for the next few weeks.

The box they rode in on.

The full set up.

The feisty one.

The feisty one has a single black feather in the middle of the top of her head, which makes it easy to pinpoint her. There’s a shy one who hasn’t figured out this new world yet, and one that is in between the two extremes. I think it is going to be easier to tell them apart than I expected, at least until they get their grown up feathers.

Many more adventures to follow.