Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend

Our Memorial Days of the recent past would often include a BBQ and swimming with cousins, which was always fun, and like everything else, this year was different.

We did continue our general tradition of doing “Murph.” I wrote about this Hero WOD here. Buds and I did this as a team, on our driveway, with Mocha tagging along for the running part, and with it modified for me. Murph is my favorite of the HERO wods, and I’m really glad we did it this year.

The rest of the weekend was time spent together as a family, and time spent working on projects on our own.

We had several lovely family walks, although it was in the hottest part of one of the days when we chose to head out.

We played the Beta version of Cards Against Humanity, Family Edition. This card game for “horrible families” was a perfect fit for us and there was much laughter.

Let the cards be dealt.

We watched a Spiderman movie.

This dog is in love with Buds.

Buster snuggled in to show us something cool.

We still had school work and classes, despite the holiday.

And on one afternoon, Buds kept me company while I began the next garage clean-out.

And in one of the best quips of the weekend, Yessa and I have been working on biology and science discussions, and in talking about polio and looking at kids in iron lungs (and how Candyland was invented in a polio ward), I mentioned the toe curling my dad suffered from after surviving polio as a child.

“My dad had all the things,” I said. (Referring to his bouts of polio, measles, mumps, rubella, and lockjaw, to name a few.)

“Except money,” she deadpanned with a wise shake of her head.

Yup, she knows the family lore.