How To Be A FunGi!

How To Be A FunGi!

The spring storms knocked over a silver maple in our neighbors yard. With fresh hardwood available, we had opportunity to try something new. I learned from a Juicer that you can innoculate fresh logs with mushroom plugs. The fungus will spread through the log and when conditions are right, sprout rich bunches of shrooms for the picking.

The process starts by buying wooden dowels that are saturated with mycelium, the vegetative state of fungus. Many holes are drilled in the log about four inches apart to the depth of the dowels.

Shitake donor plugs, rich with mycelium

Next, cover the holes with hot wax to prevent competing organisms from being able to enter the log.

Painting on hot wax

Store your logs in a humid, shady spot, wait a year, and maybe just maybe we’ll see some new fruit around here.

North facing mushroom hangout for our oysters and shitake