The Rest Of Mocha's Story

The Rest Of Mocha's Story

On Saturday we took Moach to have her chip scanned to confirm it was working and to return the collar, id, and harness she had come to us with. We were also given the folder of information that Proverbs had about her from intake.

She was picked up as a stray on February 13, 2020 in Sumner County, which is north of us. She was held at animal control in Gallatin until she was released to Proverbs on February 18.

The intake notes from animal control state, “Very pregnant. Will go anytime. Per doc at least 8 puppies.”

That doc knows their business since she had 9 puppies.

No date of puppy birth is given, but her primary breed is listed as a “red heeler,” which we learned is kin to an Australian cattle dog.

She had all her shots and tested negative for heart worm.

My only fear in all this is that another family is missing their beloved doggo. She’s so loving and clever. I can imagine a story where she slipped her collar and hid to find a safe place to give birth.

Hopefully, if there was a family, they looked for her and would have found her. She wasn’t chipped when she was picked up, so we’ll never know.

Whatever her history is, she’s happy and comfortable and thriving now. We’ll ask our vet to give us an age estimate when we take her in and dream up a birthday for her then.

Whatever the path was that brought her to us, we’re grateful.

Snazzy new collar.
Just like Bo loved to do.
Basking in the sun.