Telling The Families

Telling The Families

For all its evil ways, Facebook has a fun feature where past memories pop up on their anniversary date.

This picture makes me smile in so many ways.

1) All the people who commented are still around.

2) I’d still wear bibs if I could find cute ones like these.

3) I’ve told this story before, but this picture gave me an excuse to do it again.

I told my family on 4th of July weekend in 1994. I had to go home alone because Buds was preparing for prelims. Steffer Ragsbottom may have gone home with me for moral support.

Little George, Patricia, Teresa, and Pam were all staying overnight, as they loved to do. Little George was sleeping on the green mat in Mom and Dad’s bedroom, as he always did. He was there when I told Mom and Dad, and then all the rest of the little feet came pattering in to hear the news, and to ask if they could be in the wedding.

Of course they were.

My parents were neither surprised nor dismayed. The path we were on was clear from the beginning to anyone who saw us together.

Buds and I traveled up to Wisconsin, where his immediate family was staying with his Aunt Kathy and Uncle Greg as part of his grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration. (Buds had to miss the celebration to take prelims, but it was our chance to meet his family without having to go clear to Vermont.

All the grandchildren except Buddie.

Buds had just gone on a walk with his parents, told them the news, and Aunt Kathy broke out the champagne.

My parents had spent many hours with Buds by this point, but his parents had never met me in person. I can only imagine what they were thinking, but his mom has told me that she could tell Buds was happy, and that went a long way.

Twenty-six years later, it still seems to be working out quite well.