A Logical Ending Point

A Logical Ending Point

At 4:00 p.m. local time, which is 21:00 GMT, the Ryanair live chat agents get to retire for the evening, so in answer to the questions from some of you; that’s when I’ll give it up for today.

I’ll be intrigued to see if my chat window changes at all when a live chat is no longer an option.

And I’ll be interested to see if I have nightmares tonight about missing the agent when they come on the line to talk to me.

It’s a significant amount of money, at least for us, so time spent waiting in the chat is time well spent.

Monkey is off with her German tutoring now, but she’s spent the last 45 minutes with me, helping to pass the time.

We laughed and loved “Yessa The Pirate.”

But our full-throated cackles were saved for video we will not share here. Suffice it to say it involved a small child wearing a bra, stuffed with apples.

I cannot get enough of this kiddo’s laughter.

Seventy-five minutes to go until my chance to get our refund today is over. Interestingly, I just told Buds I have a very similar feeling to if we had been on a flight today; not having done much physically, but still tired. I’m sure the agents at Ryanair are feeling exhausted, too.

It’s been a good day, though not the day I expected.

That’s okay.