Natural Tiredness

Natural Tiredness

My dad taught me many lessons; some about who to be and some about who not to be.

The lesson I’m savoring tonight is the glory of deep tiredness from a day spent working in the sun.

As a youth, it came from hours driving the lawn mower, wielding the weed whacker, and propelling the push mower around all the trees.

Today it came from planting native grasses and swamp milkweed, watering the various plants, lightly clearing out the garden shed, watching a cluster of birds take a watery bath in the marshy part of our spring at the back corner of the property, and, finally, sitting on the deck and listening to the world all around me.

I’m savoring the sun-soaked tired that comes from this time.

Planted three of these native switchgrasses. They’ll provide a buffer from the road.
The violets get to thrive with no mowing to hinder them.
The swamp milkweed will savor this groundwater.
Seeing earthworms as large as small garter snakes made me very happy.
The native redbud is delighted it’s spring.
Dirty, tired, and happy.

Thanks, Dad. 🥰