I got groceries for the first time in two weeks and one day on this last Wednesday.

I wore an n95 mask I unearthed from the garage that I wore when painting back when most of us were naive about which of mask was good for what. The mask was as much to remind me not to touch my face as anything. I have the luxury of going to the store when I choose and I can be sure I’m not around too many people.

I bought enough to hopefully last over two weeks this time.

The cashier had to lend me an extra cart.

I also had the pleasure of picking up some groceries for an older friend of ours. She apologized for her long list of eight items. I assured her it was no problem.

I ended up going to two stores a total of three times to get her groceries, get our groceries, and then to round out our groceries due to item limits at the stores.

I’m so incredibly grateful to have the money to be able to buy a large amount of items, and so grateful to not have to go to the store more frequently.

It was also a reminder to me to not judge other people. I looked like I was overbuying compared to the couples of two I saw, and I saw other people with carts filled well more than mine.

And though I have always been thankful for the people who stock the shelves and swipe the groceries, that depth of gratitude grows ever deeper.

Many of the store employees did not have masks, though I was relieved to see that the two gentlemen who were disinfecting carts had both gloves and masks. These folks are doing such important work.

I hauled everything home and we carried it in. I’ve been hauling items out to the car from the check-out and bagging them out there so I’m not in the store any longer than necessary. Buds was amazed at the sheer volume I got, and the whole family was very loving about my efforts.

I did get more cheese this time because the last few weeks have shown that once the cheese is gone, that’s when the questions about my next trip to the grocery store begin. 😆

Stay well, dear ones.

It is a lot of food.