Homebaked Bread

Homebaked Bread

It’s been awhile since I baked bread, and with my desire to not go to the store until next week, necessity drives.

The delight of of that yeasty smell as the bread rises, and then the lovely warmth of fresh-baked bread with a light coat of butter; Buddie’s prowling around the kitchen like a loaf-loving tiger as we wait for it to cool.

Another in the small moments I’m grateful for.

A final wash of butter.

After cooling for awhile we dug in and all agreed it tasted fantastic. (Well, Monkey hasn’t tried it yet.)

Buster just informed me that I should bake bread more often. 😍🤗

Here’s the recipe I used for future reference.

I’ve also started a sourdough “mother” for future bakes.

Good stuff, my friends.