Grannie Babs Goes On An Adventure

Grannie Babs Goes On An Adventure

My mom managed to get her world travel in before the world closed. She spent a week helping to put the finishing touches on a new church, health clinic, and community center in Laguna Prieta, Dominican Republic. The team of volunteers from her church worked long hard hours, while still finding time to get to know local folks, have some fun parties with the children, and share meals and laughter together.

Mom was sick the first day they were there, but bounced back quickly so she didn’t miss out on too much.

I grabbed some of the pictures from the email the church shared about the good work that was accomplished.

A warm welcome.

The volunteers. Mom is in the purple long-sleeved shirt.

I was struck by the tiny space the members of the community had been using before the new space was ready.

Hard work ensued:

Mom in the yellow t-shirt on the left side of the picture.

Mom’s church, Altoona UMC, hosts a Turkey Dinner each year around Thanksgiving that people spend hundreds of hours working on. The proceeds from the dinner this year were $147,000, and part of that went toward the building of this facility.

Mom’s voice when she told me of her trip was filled with such joy and gratitude for the loving spirit and kindness of the folks in the community that they got to work with. It was another of the life-changing trips she’s had over the years.