Freeze Your Half-Off

Freeze Your Half-Off

After Lindyne and I completed our last half-marathon, we knew we wanted to do another event, and this time we included part of our tribe.

We headed to Chattanooga in early January for Awesomesauce’s “Freeze Your Half Off.”

Friday night we all arrived at the house at the same time, and unloaded into the beautiful house we’d call home for the next few days.

We had the biggest bedroom with a fold down sofa for Yessa, space for the cot for Buster, and a closet where Monkey could relax on her cot.

Once we were unloaded and settled, we decided Mellow Mushroom in downtown Chattanooga would be our dining establishment for that evening.

It was a rainy, cool night, and we enjoyed our delicious dinner.

Properly fueled for the next day, we headed back to our home for some games and drinks.

Saturday morning, those of us racing headed to the waterfront to get our bibs and make our plan.

It was a cold, gray day, and we hadn’t really brought sufficient clothing. But it wasn’t supposed to rain, and we hoped for sun.

Another racer took our team picture by the river, then the children realized they would be warmer if they huddled.

We had enough time to goof around before we were off.

Once the race got going, we spread out into teams. Eddie, Lindyne, and Miles were off and going, Yessa found a spot at her pace, Buster and Buds were mid-pack, and Monkey and I made our way, enjoying the chance to visit and laugh and cheer for others as we crossed paths.

We pealed off layers as the sun grew stronger. And since the race route was a figure eight of sorts, we took Eddie’s hat to drop with our stuff when he was in his way out and we were on our way in. He returned the favor later when he took my scarf to leave at the race finish for me.

Buds and our kids, Miles and Lindyne were doing the 5k. Eddie and I had planned for the 10k. As the race wore on, and when Monkey and I got to the finish, I thought I’d stop with a 5k to be with my crew since they were all done.

Then I learned Lindyne had decided to transition to the 10k, and Eddie was still out on his race, so I changed my shoes and I headed back out.

My first goal was to catch Lindyne, but once we passed each other on the course and I realized that wasn’t likely, I made a new friend… Three new friends, actually.

Jill was pushing a stroller containing her 3 y.o. daughter while carrying her 18 m.o. daughter. I asked if I could join their trio and Jill kindly let me take over stroller pushing.

I was the last of our group to finish, and I had to laugh at the recognition and head shaking from my family when they saw that I was finally nearing race end, and I was not traveling alone.

They left their comfy chairs and walked out to finish up the race with my new friends and me. (When I thanked Buster later for doing that, he informed me Dad made them. 😆🥰)

Once we were all truly finished, we loaded up all our gear and headed back to the house to see what adventures Fi and Imani had gotten up to.

Saturday afternoon the adults realized, yet again, the changes from having older children.

All the kids stayed home while the parents drove to a game store and browsed and bought new games.

Fi bought a new Marvel game that would drive us nearly to the edge of insanity later that night.

It had a million parts, including a speech bubble.

Fi made chicken chili for dinner and while that cooked we played and visited.

Our first morning in the house Lindyne woke up smelling bacon, even though none was cooking. Buds made sure the real thing was ready for everyone and smelling delicious on the second morning.

We spent the morning packing up and chatting.

Then final pictures and off we went.

Thanks for an excellent trip, Tribe!