2020 Is Here!

2020 Is Here!

It was a subdued New Year’s Eve at our house. We were grateful for the time with people we love, yet everyone has an emotional load they are carrying as we start this next decade, and we love each other enough to want to be together even when it isn’t all laughter and promise and high spirits.

Eddie, Lindyne, Buds, and I started off the evening with a workout. There was no dressing up with 2020 glasses and sparkles here; It was stretching and sweating and a little bit of cursing.

Fi and Imani had tickets to Hamilton and dropped off some games and food before they headed downtown. We had hoped for a mid-WOD reprieve when they stopped by, but no luck. They popped in with supplies and off they went.

After the WOD, we headed upstairs for showers, food, games, and time together. The children were settled in at their various activities, and the adults saved some people from a burning house in “Flash Point Fire Rescue,” and collected sushi in “Sushi Go.” It was relaxed, comfortable, and secure.

Fi and Imani arrived, energized and full of life from the glory of Hamilton, and brought some spirit with them.

Yessa had headed to bed in preparation for an early morning hike, but the rest of the kids made sure everyone had a glass of sparkling blueberry juice with which to toast at midnight.

I have never been more grateful to have friends with whom I don’t have to pretend.

It really was a good way to start 2020; exactly as ourselves, imperfect and loved, and possibly snuggled up near a cat.

Then on Wednesday morning, Yessa inspired Buds and me up and out of the house into the crisp, cool, sunny day. The blue trail called her and she would not be denied.

2020 has changes ahead. If we hold hands and stick together, we’ll come through in some way.