Due to Monkey’s sore jaw, our annual gingerbread house construction didn’t happen until the Sunday before Christmas.

Monkey and I found these fun, triangle-shaped kits at Trader Joes and were excited for everyone to try them.

In case you need to know how to say “powdered sugar” in German:

Or a very unique expletive in English?

We all loved the cute family that came with each kit.
Except for this guy? Ummm, what the heck is he holding?

Dad and Yessa stepped up to make the frosting for everyone.

With much excitement and a random assortment of skill and dedication, construction began.

After awhile, there were some A-frame gingerbread houses to view.

Then someone sampled the gingerbread…

Dear Lord, these kits may have been in the warehouse since last Christmas.

So the gingerbread cookie brigade jumped into action. Caitlin’s big mixer made it more fun.

Those cookie cutters Yessa got from Buddie’s parents birthday before last were a huge help.

Monkey also whipped up the hot chocolate to round out the evening.

We ended the evening with game play, hot chocolate, warm gingerbread cookies, and stale gingerbread houses. A victory all around.

And a final picture to prove I was actually there, too.

Yeah for traditions!