Finding Peace Where You Can

Finding Peace Where You Can

At our Family Service at church a couple months ago, we were offered UU Prayer Beads.

As a great lover of ritual, though not always willing to put in the time and thought necessary for creating the rituals, I immediately embraced this idea.

When Kel and I had our weekend away, I excitedly shared them with her, and it was interesting to see her recoil slightly. With her Catholic background, and the connection to the rosary that the beads reminded her of, she wasn’t interested in this particular ritual.

Each of us has to find our peace where we can in a way that resonates for us.

I continue to find that holding and working my way through each bead brings me peace and comfort.

This morning, our great-nephew Cash was the one on my mind and the focus of my prayers. There are people all over the country praying for him as his little body battles back from another onslaught from his rare tumors.

I feel so helpless, so I’ll take the slight comfort these prayer beads grant.

The beads symbolize:

Red: Gratitude. What are you grateful for?

Yellow: I’m Sorry. What are you sorry about?

Brown: Wishing. What do you hope for yourself?

Green: Loving Wishes. What do you wish for the world? Animals? Other people?

Turquoise: Web of Life. How can you be a positive force in the interconnected web of life?

Blue: Covenant. What promises have you made with others? Are you keeping your promises?

Purple: Peace. What can you do to bring peace in your home, your community, your country, the world?

May it be so…Amen.