The Annual Release

The Annual Release

I drove Buds to work on this rainy, gray day, and we were grateful for the time together since he’s been so busy with all his co-workers in town.

“Hey, here’s a question I had to answer yesterday during an ice breaker. ‘What’s the most important thing to me? If I had to run back into the proverbial burning building, what would I save?’ What do you guess I answered?”

I thought for a moment and said in an unsure voice, “Your phone?”

“Oh, ho,” he laughed. “Let’s not get that real. You don’t want to admit that.”

“Plus,” he continued, “It’s kind of hard to love something you know will be upgraded in a year.”

“Right,” I agreed. “I’m glad that doesn’t happen with spouses.”

“Yeah,” he replied. “That would change things if I had the annual wife release to look forward to.”

Then we laughed and laughed.