Using That Which Can Be Broken

Using That Which Can Be Broken

Items get used in our home. We don’t have china that gets saved for special occasions. We do have two turkey platters that get pulled out at all times of the year when we need to serve, or if we are making an especially large cake.

Turkey platter under cake.

Recently there was the sound of breaking ceramic from another room, and it was a bowl that my dad had passed along to us in one of the “let’s clean out our house by taking stuff to Buds and Ginnie’s house” moments in the past.

This bowl wasn’t particularly lovely. It wasn’t very large. We used it every time we had friends over, and I did love it.

I’m glad we had so many years of using it before it was broken. And now I have pictures and a blog post so I’ll remember it for many more years.

Thanks, Gladys ’61, for your bowl. It was a treasure.

And in other news, Buds has a shoulder injury. He’s been to the doctor to get more information.

Nothing’s broken, and he’s doing PT for now to work on strengthening what can be strengthened.

A few points of interest from the appointment.

1) This is a sports med. doctor who was the Head Physician for the Nashville Predators for a long time and is still a consultant for the Miami Dolphins. (Street cred!)

2) When he was talking to Buds about how the injury occurred, I was smiling at the introductory conversation.

Doctor: Buds, do you lift? You look like you lift.

3) This doctor has had the same injury Buds has for 30 years. He said it has changed how he has had to lift weights, which he doesn’t like, but he’s still going strong, 30 years later. It was a great insight.

Buds will fight back from this as he has all his injuries, stronger, wiser, and with even greater respect for his body.

And we’ll keep using what we’ve got, with joy.