The Great West Coast Tour - Day 21 - First View Of the Grand Canyon

The Great West Coast Tour - Day 21 - First View Of the Grand Canyon

In a very unusual occurrence, I had an adventure all by myself.

We left my brother and sister-in-law’s house Tuesday morning and wandered our way over to our hotel at the Grand Canyon Lodge area. We’re staying at the Red Feather Lodge. (Complete post on this just published.)

Once we got settled in, everyone else was tired and content to relax for the evening.

I wanted to understand how the shuttle system worked, and I wanted to at least glimpse the canyon with it so close.

I hugged my crew good bye and headed off to take the two shuttles needed to get to Yavapai Point to view the 7:45’ish sunset.

As I waited for the shuttle a female moose crossed the road through town and later on the shuttle into the park we saw five more moose going about their business. (With knowledge gained later, they may have been elk. The Asian tourists on the shuttle and I thought they were moose, but we may have been wrong.)

I walked around, observing people and styles, finally settling on a bench to sit and observe. The canyon was hazy, and I wasn’t considering best photography shots, but to see the green of the Colorado River so far below, to stand near the edge and try to grasp this vastness…

As I rode the shuttle back to town, I texted Buds to see if anyone was hungry.

“Everyone good here,” was the response I got.

So, in another unusual move, I wandered into the steakhouse at one of the shuttle drop-off points, sat down at the bar alone and ordered myself some dinner. I chatted with the waiters, enjoyed my food, then meandered back to the hotel.

And much like dropping back into the children’s infancy where they were fine until they saw me, as soon as I walked into the room, there was uproar.

“We’re hungry! Where are we going to eat? Where have you been?”

“I asked Dad if anyone was hungry, and he said you were all good, so I went to eat by myself.” I replied.

“Dad literally said, ‘Is everyone good?’ we said, ‘yes,’ and that was it! He didn’t ask if we were hungry?!”

They were outraged at the unfairness of it all.

“I’m hungry!”

Much laughter, eye-rolling, and a shoulder shrug from Buds, the kids and I walked to a Mexican restaurant next door to the hotel to have a late dinner.

It was a funny ending to a lovely day.