The Great West Coast Tour - Day Seventeen - Solvang to San Diego

The Great West Coast Tour - Day Seventeen - Solvang to San Diego

Friday, July 5th saw us sadly packing up in Solvang. We started with breakfast at Paula’s Pancake House before we hit the road.

Hanging out while we waited for our table.

What a joy this walkable, quaint, friendly town was.

And I’m so grateful we got time together to laugh and make new memories.

All loaded up we headed out for San Diego to spend time with Bryan, Laura, and their son, Lucas.

Bryan was Buddie’s first boss at PNC Bank after we moved to Lafayette, IN. That was the beginning of Buddie’s foray into credit cards.

Then we all moved to Delaware together when a group of folks moved over to CitiBank credit cards. We eventually moved to Iowa and several different places, as did Bryan and Laura. We had seen them in various states over the years, but this was the first real visit we had gotten to have in a long time, and our first time meeting Lucas.

They kindly opened their home to us and had beautiful spaces for all of us to stay in. And an awesome pool paradise out back where we could laugh and play.

Our first evening there we drove around to see their neighborhood, Lucas’ school, and places they liked to go. It was a great way to dip a first toe into the gorgeous 76 and sunny San Diego lifestyle.

And Yessa swam until well after dark. A pretty glorious end to the week.