Lions, tigers and bears. Snap, crackle, pop. Hermione, Ron, Harry. Monkey, Buster, ?. Act one, act two, act three.

We’ve entered the second act of the axe drama: The Build.

Part 1 of the build took place in the driveway. Two sweaty hours saw four legs and two targets screwed together.

Here’s the view from Cupcake’s overhead camera.

Then it was out to the backyard for part two of the build. This was a family and extended family activity. The legs had some brackets that the targets match up to. Then some long lag screws had to go into the targets to hold them in place.

This picture makes the targets look really small, but they are over eight feet tall.

We all fired away with axes for a few moments. The axes that we got from Home Depot were dreadfully dull but one bullseye was scored. Fortunately we have a friend who’s an expert sharpener.

Stay tuned for act 3. We’re springing these targets on a bunch of unsuspecting friends at a party this week. We’re really axecited.