Gate City - The Door To A Wonderful Weekend

Gate City - The Door To A Wonderful Weekend

Editor’s Note: The plan was to have this post complete before we saw our Virginia Family again.

Well, we’ve been home from our latest visit with them for weeks now, plus we’re starting our second hour of waiting at the DMV, so, here’s a post. 🥰

I’ll keep working toward catching up, Kate. 😉

The original post began:

Since we’ll be having our next adventure with them in only three days, I’m feeling a fair amount of pressure to finish up writing about our last adventure.

On Easter weekend we met up with Kel and Paula to return the girls to them.

For some reason I kept thinking of it as “Rust City,” but we actually spent the weekend in Gate City, VA, and it was fantastic.

We picked Buds up from work on Friday afternoon and headed off.

We managed to lose one of Betty’s shoes on the drive, but it was still a great trip.

It was Easter weekend so we had an outing to a local coffee shop, a local church visit (“Yeah, Church!”), a hike around the property we were renting to discover a cave, an Easter Egg Hunt (x2), and laughter, stories, great food, and more memories created.

This is an abbreviated post because it’s been months ago now and pictures are the best way to jog my memories.

What I do remember was time well spent with people we love.

Paula’s plan for an awesome meal:

Thanks to a neighbor we met while out for a walk, we explored the unexpected cave system on the property. “Explored” in this instance means grappling with being interested and horrified.

And people’s personalities stayed true to form.

Great, great memories.