When we moved South six years ago, I was very smug when I had cobbled together all the necessary documents to ensure we handled getting all dealings with the DMV covered in one trip.

Karma comes around.

We came to the DMV yesterday for the two bigs to take their learner’s permit tests.

We waited in line about 30 minutes to get our turn at the information desk where the very helpful woman walked us through the five stages of grief as we realized we were one document short.

So back we came this morning.

We arrived shortly after they opened and were approximately 50th in line.

Forty-five minutes of waiting to get to the information desk to have our documents reviewed again and to be given our official numbers: K814 and K815.

Today’s person at the information desk did not ask for any of the documents that got us turned away yesterday.

Life has all sorts of curves.

They were calling number K806 when we sat down. We waited 75 minutes for the two kids to be called up to get checked in.

Monkey took about 10 minutes for the test. Buster is still back there testing.

And here he is.

They both will come back to retest next week.

Both were fine with me sharing that information, with the caveat from Buster that I explain I forced him to take the test and he studied for it not at all.

I told him I wasn’t sure which of us that shined poorly on. 😆

As always, interesting people watching, life experiences added to the long list, and another story to add to family history.

See you next week, even earlier.

I wonder what time the first person in line got here…

We do have a tent.