Happy Buster Birthday!

Happy Buster Birthday!

The middle child has turned 15.

And as seems to be the tradition with this birthday at the changing of the seasons, members of the family were sick, which made for a quiet day.

He didn’t mind since he’s living a life he loves, plus I brought home Panera for everyone’s dinner, but I was sorry when the cold his sisters shared with each other decided to share itself with the birthday boy the day after his birthday.

Still he had a lovely birthday, spread over several days.

He loved the Beat Saber t-shirt from his Vermont Grandparents so much he put it right on to try it out.

His Iowa Grandma was visiting for his birthday, which was another great gift to all of us.

He’s still not back to 100%, so we’ll take him to Kilwins for ice cream, his one request, after all coughs and sore throats are gone.

Happy 15th, Buster. We couldn’t love you more, but tomorrow we will.