Our dryer broke while the girls and I were away.

I considered writing out the loving, laughing conversation Buds and I had about his thought process in deciding to order the device that would allow him to consider trying to fix the dryer.

The short version would be that I suggested the boys try to fix the dryer.

The long version would be that Buds felt the pressure of my suggestion enough that he watched/read enough on the internet to order the ohms counter device.

By then it would have been only a week or so until I returned home to handle the whole issue, so he and the Buster decided that hanging clothes to dry was a much better option than tearing apart the dryer.

And in perfect synchronicity, the ohms counter was exactly the device Yessa and Buster and I needed when we tore the dryer apart yesterday.

We do make the perfect team.

It took about three hours to watch the videos needed to decide if this was something we should even attempt, then to rally our enthusiasm, and then to do the work.

Though it would not have been their first choice (or second) for how they spent their morning, both Buster and Yessa had good attitudes and enthusiasm.

That’s the culprit above: heating coil.

We’ve ordered the new heating coil, but it won’t arrive for a week. We took copious photos and videos as we deconstructed the dryer, and these three videos were our main source of information:

Dryer Deconstruction-the full process

Sam/Bill shows how to neatly tear apart the dryer.

Finding what doesn’t work.

The internet saves the day again.