Chrome Makes A Good Mirror

Chrome Makes A Good Mirror

I’ve been laughing all day because of the bone head thing I almost did.

I took the inaugural bath in the kids’ bathroom.

I took a very cute picture of my cute little painted-purple toes under the running bath water at the end of the tub.

I was going to write a quick post about how comfy the new bathtub is, but I got distracted.

You may all bow down in gratitude to me that I did get distracted because you know what makes a great reflective surface?

The shiny new chrome shower and bathtub fixtures that wonderful Weston installed makes a great reflective surface.

I’ll spare you the details, but I saved the picture long enough for Buds and I to gasp at in horror together, then we deleted it.

“Hey, Buds look at this cute picture I took.”

“Yes. That’s cute… hey, is that…?!”

“Why, yes. Yes, it is.”

Monkey being the child who notices and reads everything first would have been the one who would have run to me to save me from myself.

You are welcome, Monkey.