Well. We remembered that differently.

Well. We remembered that differently.

On February 4th, Buds and I will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the night we met. We won’t be celebrating it together because I’ll be out of town.

So this week we’re recreating meals from early on in our relationship to celebrate early.

Tonight we had a reenactment of the first meal Buddie made for my family when I took him home with me the very first time.

We’d known each other two weeks. I couldn’t pronounce his last name. And I was already completely in love.

He made a chicken dish with four ingredients:

1) chicken

2) onion soup mix

3) French dressing

4) whole berry cranberry sauce

We had to run to the store because I forgot to buy whole berry cranberry sauce and even I couldn’t dream up a substitution for that.

He whipped it up:

And we took our first bites about thirty minutes later.

Twenty-five years ago, when he made that first meal, we both remember my dad griping about it, “What kind of foreign food is this?!”

And sister-in-law Faye trying to hold the meal together, “I like it. Tastes great.”

Turns out Dad was the honest one all those years ago. 😆

Kind of like the Jell-O salads of my childhood, this meal of nostalgia is best left to the past.

Can’t wait to try the next meal we remember.