Back To The Bluebird

Back To The Bluebird

A friend from church was leading a round of fellow songwriters at the Bluebird and we managed to snag a table for six.

With Friend Caitlin available to join us, off we went.

Waiting for the show to start:

The lineup:

Sidenote, all three children had their new glasses on:

We’ve seen Elizabeth perform at church, but it was fun to see her professional persona leading the other professionals.

Hearing the backstory on many of the songs that these talented folks chose to sing is also fascinating. Examples of song inspirations included:

* An innocent man being released from prison after 20 years of wrongful imprisonment.

* A high school reunion

* Urban sprawl

* A song idea that percolated for a decade before the right pair of songwriters came together to write it.

* A fun, bouncy song two friends wrote on their final writing session together.

In addition to it being Elizabeth’s birthday week, which she has made an annual tradition to host a round at The Bluebird, her best friend and prolific songwriter, Robert K. Wolf, passed away in late December, and the evening was also dedicated to him.

The session was about two hours, which got a little long for our crew, but everyone handled themselves well. And the three adults loved the evening.

There was a brief moment of disquiet when a silver Grand Cherokee’s car alarm started going off right outside the door. That happens to be the loaner vehicle we have from the car dealership right now. I panicked slightly, realizing I had no idea how to turn off a car alarm.

Luckily it wasn’t us.

Another very Nashville night of music.