Kids'Bathroom Day 18

Kids'Bathroom Day 18

It was Weston’s birthday today, and he was here working like the 23 year old he is. (Fun fact, Weston and I are the same age.)

Big excitement today is the completion of the cat condo.

Weston had a brief moment of… concern, shall we say, when he realized he might have been better off testing the magic drawer before putting it all together and painting it, but thanks to his skills, it slid right in and works beautifully.

Well reinforced:

And a plug in for a night light and air purifier:

Those dang cats better love it!

Can lights installed:

And baseboards painted in both bathrooms:

Weston’s back for a full day tomorrow, then off to his next spot on Monday. It’s going to be strange not sharing coffee with him every morning.

Happy Birthday, Weston!

Here he is back in his wild youth:

I love this picture because it reminds me that everyone has an amazing story.

We’re grateful for the Weston we know who has shared his talents with us, but I love hearing stories of this other Weston from back in the day.