Kids' Bathroom Day 17

Kids' Bathroom Day 17

The plans are coming together beautifully.

Buds got a second workout in in the early morning when he and Weston carried in the new vanity.

Vanity picked by Yessa and Teresa, with height approved by Monkey. 😆

I had to do a quick Home Depot run to return one faucet and get one that fit the wider holes:

Looks great!

Ready for a toilet tomorrow:

And a shower:

No, those of you who notice these things, the sink faucet doesn’t match the bathtub.

I’m doing my best, people! 🤣

I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings.

I’m not sure Saturday is truly possible for completion, but Weston is working like gangbusters.

I love the color Yessa picked for the walls.

The kids’ bathroom is going to be a smidge classier than ours, but nothing tops our dragonfly and turtle hooks.