Beat Saber

Beat Saber

With his influx of haircut money, Buster purchased a new game for the VR called Beat Saber.

We have all found the game to be a delight for so many different reasons.

It’s a group activity. Fun to watch as well as play.

Good for all ages.
Swing it like you mean it.
Watching their shadow play video together.
Late night sabers.
We love snuggling together watching, talking, and laughing.

With a little extra time over Christmas, Buds put up a new system to ensure no more cord tripping.

Buds and Buster work on the new system.
Looks like The Matrix, works great so no one trips.

All the grandparents have tried it. We all love to play it. Friends love to have a turn when they come over.

The only drawback is that you get sweaty playing. Yessa has devised her own solution to this issue when she doesn’t want to wait for things to dry out.

See the washcloths on her face?

And video of other folks in case you haven’t gotten enough of Beat Saber.

Notice the shadow play happening in the background.