Vermont Grands Make A Trip

Vermont Grands Make A Trip

Buddie’s parents came down for a lovely visit for a few days.

They visited Sudbury so they’ll have a mental image of where the Bigs spend their school days.

We had a great outing to the new Tennessee State Museum which none of us had visited before. We all liked the old one, so it was fun to compare.

Many hours for future visits with the beautiful, new, well done, exhibits.

There’s much to ponder around how things are written up in this new museum, so it will get its own post after a few more visits.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and had the supposedly rare privilege of getting to go inside the weiner mobile.

Buddie’s parents are good sports.

The other reason they came down was to take home the Mazda 5, which was a great deal for all of us. We were thankful they were interested in buying it so we know it will have a good home for many more miles to come.

They needed a second vehicle as a backup, so nothing fancy need apply.

The 5 fit all those needs.

We bought the 5 in 2009 after a tree crushed our last van. It served us supremely well for 150,000 miles.

If people hadn’t grown so tall that their knees were up their noses in the back seats, we’d be driving it still.

Live long and prosper, sweet manual Mazda.

Thanks for a great visit, Grands. Enjoy the new wheels.