Kids' Bathroom Day 1

Kids' Bathroom Day 1

We had our first shower in the new bathroom.

After that indulgence, we cleared out the kids’ bathroom in preparation for Weston’s demolition of bathroom #2 to begin today.

Yessa had the honor of taking the last bath in the bathtub. She used a bath bomb Lou gave her as a gift, and the water was memorable.

Ocean blue?

The whole family pitched in to strip the bathroom bare.

Good bye subway station sink.

Weston wreaked impressive havoc today.

He kindly left us the toilet to use for as long as possible.

Thanks to the dust from cutting, in the midst of the hazy cloud, Weston cut through the cord of his power saw. Luckily he wasn’t hurt.

Tomorrow should bring the room stripped bare, except for maybe the tub. We’ll see how that goes.