The kids and I headed to over one of our favorite museums from our former life. Udvar-Hazy is the annex for the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in downtown D.C.

Buster has been working on creating planes and rockets and space missions, so this trip was an opportunity for him to see the real-life version of the things he’s been building.

Plus, an IMAX movie and flight simulators.

The sisters began by flying a fighter jet. Yessa shot the guns and Monkey flew the plane. Buster and I could hear them laughing and some shrieks.

The four of us enjoyed a VR space walk at the International Space Station.

We honored Buddie by seeing the IMAX movie about Aircraft Carriers.

It was about Rimpac:


Twenty-six countries and fifty-five ships, information about nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers, the importance of international collaboration, and testing out the capabilities of crew and craft.

We wandered for a few hours, reading about the aircraft and rockets and people.

Buster took many pictures of specific parts so he could recreate the objects later in the space program he’s using.

In the picture above he’s moseying over to examine the Blackbird closely so he could build it at home.

After a little lunch and the IMAX and many, many exhibits, we headed for the viewing tower to watch planes coast into Dulles.

On our way back to the car we refreshed some past pictures, though they are missing some of the critical players.