Master Bathroom Day 3

Master Bathroom Day 3

Weston brought his air compressor today, which allowed him to pound through the concrete more readily.

Partway through the work day he called me back to show me how the countertop was coming apart.

“About 800 pounds of cement” was his casual guess when he saw how thick it was.

Counters and lavatory all gone and tomorrow should be the end of demo.

He managed to lift part of the shower floor and wedge a crowbar under it so breaking it apart tomorrow should be easier.

The room really feels large now. Buds said, “I like it better this way than I did before.”

There’s a thin layer of dust all around our bedroom, but we’ve been tossing a piece of plastic over the bed so it stays clean.

It’s going to be fun to see the empty room tomorrow, knowing the rebuild comes next.