The Rest Of The Symphony Story

The Rest Of The Symphony Story

Our time at the symphony was splendid. The concert was great. I love sitting close enough to see the movements and fingerings and reactions of the musicians.

This was the first time we’ve had a female concertmaster, which was exciting to see.

She’s the white, blonde holding her violin across her body behind the maestro, on the far side of the platform.

She looked so young, as did the maestro. I suspect that’s not the last time I’ll be saying that.

With the “science lab” theme, the maestro wore a lab coat and he had a “meeping” assistant named “Bunsen.”

Bunsen has the orange hair.

Bunsen helped to set up the gag for several pieces, and then when a piece from the Marriage Of Figaro was performed, Bunsen belted out some gorgeous operatic tones.

At a point in the concert where he had no role, Bunsen stood right by our box, which put him literally two feet from Noa’s face. I was laughing inside as she smiled at him when he looked at her, then sat up straight in her chair to get as much distance as she could when he turned back to the stage.

It really was a little too close.

In a not surprising development, the friendly white, blonde Mom in the row behind us and I got to talking. Both families love to travel.

It felt a little too privileged to be sharing our love of Italy and Ireland. I suspect the white hipster with the flowing beard sitting next to me thought we sounded annoying. I probably would have, too.

I really did enjoy visiting with her though, so we exchanged numbers so we could be annoying together again over coffee sometime.

And as always, people who didn’t come to the symphony on a bus got to leave early.

It was another lovely outing.