Books, Books, Books

Books, Books, Books

Ms. Sonia, the main Sudbury staffer asked Monkey to recommend books she thought Sudbury should own. (Sonia loves to read, too, and I get the impression she and our Bigs talk books often.)

After Buster and Yessa were asleep last night, I went in search of Monkey. I found her in the library with glowing eyes and a huge smile.

“I’ve been going through all our picture books and I’m seeing all these wonderful books from my childhood.”

She began to list the Holy Grail of childhood memories, and the first three we discussed were Pickle Chiffon Pie; Rackety-Packety House; and Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope.

And the list went on and on. To hear her reminisce about the hours of reading and being read to brought me such joy.

I have such vivid memories of holding a child on my lap, a child by each hip, reading story after story, and my eyes slowly dropping closed, my words becoming the slurred whisper of sleep.

Then a child would nudge me and say, “Mom, you are falling asleep again.” and I would jerk awake to find all three of them still transfixed by the picture in front of them.

Books continue to bring all of us joy and escape and vision and sorrow. To have children who will say to Buds and me, “I read this book I think you’d like.” What a gift.

A few reading shots from over the years.