The new washing machine isn’t being delivered until Wednesday so when the teen headed to school wearing his winter sweats because he was out of shorts, I knew it was time to take action.

I took care of a couple loads of stinky clothes at Friend Lu’s house last week, and we had a lovely visit, but today was about wash and dry as efficiently as possible.

Friend Sarah told us about the local laundromat that had 20, 30, 60, and 100 pound washing machines! That meant we could do all the loads at once. Plus, we were interested in seeing a 100# machine.

After the bigs were dropped off at Sudbury, Yessa and I were off to the “Coin Laundry.” That name makes it sound like a video arcade.

I have lovely memories of the laundromat by the old Hy-Vee in Newton, Iowa. Mom would drop me off with the laundry, head to the grocery store, then come back to help me finish up.

When we were still using well water at the house I grew up in, the water was so rusty we couldn’t wash white or light colored clothing at home. They would acquire an orangish tint.

Since all Mom’s nursing uniforms were white, the laundromat was a necessity.

The pride I felt in being left alone and the responsibility of having all those quarters to drop into the machines; The excitement of the rolling laundry baskets; Ahhh. Good times.

Yessa was pleasantly surprised at how lovely the laundromat smelled when we walked in the door. Air brimming with the artificial scent of Tide is quite refreshing.

We were tickled to see that one of the hundred pound machines was available.

At a capacity of nine regular loads, our five loads didn’t even stress it.

We settled in to relax.

That’s Yessa’s comforter washing behind her. It seemed like a good time to wash that.

When our 100# washer was on its spin cycle, it sounded like a rocket taking off. We checked it a couple times because it roared like it was going to launch itself through the front window.

The folks here are a nice mix. Mostly women, mostly white, all very friendly. I’ve asked questions of a couple folks and they were all so willing to help.

We’ve got our loads in the industrial dryers. About ten minutes to go and we’ll load up the delicious-smelling fluffiness.

I’ll be grateful to have the washing machine installed in the basement, but this reminder of my past has been lovely.

Oh, and Monkey, we found your new nightgowns. They’ll be sweet-smelling tonight.

For future me’s knowledge: The 100# washer was $13.50. Middle capacity dryer was $.75 for 10 minutes.