The Future and The Past

The Future and The Past

Buds and I began the day by heading to the DB ticket office to learn how to get a refund. Another great thing about Germany–consumers’ rights. if your train is late by more than 60 minutes you’re entitled to a quarter of the fare back. If more than 120 minutes you get half the fare back and you can request compensation if you missed appointments or booked things on the far end of the trip that you weren’t able to do.

The kind German woman was helpful and patient and so sincere. (Didn’t smile once, but it didn’t matter.)

She felt so badly that she couldn’t refund our money right then. She can only do that if we have a paper ticket stamped by the conductor.

After that we headed out to the Computerspiele Museum. the smallish museum traced the history of computer gaming from early days to now.

A Commodore 64. We had one of these when I was in my teens.

Editor’s note: I just found this draft today, August 17. The follow-up to it was published as “Steps into the Past” about the rest of our afternoon in Berlin.