A Plane, Two Trains, No Automobiles.

A Plane, Two Trains, No Automobiles.

Thanks to Buddie and Google maps, we’re at our first hotel, ready for a short snooze. The instructions from the hotel would have taken us on a route that took an hour to get here. Buds took a different route and got us here in about 45.

The Royal Leonardo hotel will be our lovely home for the next two nights.

The second train (U-bahn) we were on was intriguing because it looked like an antique train but it was in pristine condition. So incredibly clean.

Also, Germany is a cash country. Even the train tickets we purchased at the ticket booth at the airport, Buddie fed in the Euros we had gotten at the ATM shortly before that.

And I had my first mishap. Though not as odd as holding hands with the stranger on the flight to Ireland, nor as hysterical as resting my bosom on the stranger on the flight to Italy, I did manage to pull a derp move.

A kind German woman with pink hair moved so I could sit by her as we waited for a train. She spoke a little English. I speak zippo German, but we were determined to converse.

She asked where we were from and with Monkey’s help I was able to tell her. Then I thought she was asking about our “tramp” to get here, so I said, “Good!” with a big smile.

Buds and Monkey intervened at that point because she was actually asking about “Trump” and I was telling her I was a big fan.

No wonder she didn’t sit in the same train car with us.

Monkey has now fed me the line to use the next time that topic comes up… as it will. That’s what the top picture above is. Monkey teaching me to say, “dummkopf.”