2018 Haus von Gem Staycation - Day 1

2018 Haus von Gem Staycation - Day 1

Editor’s note: These posts will contain videos and many of the photos have been taken by Paula and Kelly. Thanks to them for sharing so generously!

(I had big dreams of writing daily blog posts to capture all our memories of the week…alas I was too busy enjoying the week to write of it. Hence, if a hint of melancholy comes through my writing it’s because the week has come and gone and I’m processing the grief of that.)

Our gracious, generous friends agreed to drive to Nash for the week and we’re having a staycation down here for their Spring Break Week. They literally drove through snow, wind, rain, and fog to get here, yet they still made great time on their drive.

The stack, ready to pack.
The snow begins.
What fun driving.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…

Buds was tickled that PJP loves stopping at local delicious food spots as much as he does, so friends took his advice and got to try Phil’s Dream Pit, our favorite stopping spot between Nash and Virginia.


Phil’s Dream Pit uses a lot of pigs.

It was dark when they finally arrived, and we all pitched in to get everything in the house so the adults could have their evening of visiting and settling in and the “Trips” could begin giggling.

They are here! They are here!

It was late when everyone finally settled in for sleep, but we were off and running into a fantastic 9 days.