What A Friday!

What A Friday!

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Two wonderful gentlemen replaced our gutters on Friday morning. This is one of many, many steps in the plan to “Keep The Basement Dry!” The house had a mishmash of various sized gutters with underground drainage that was useless and too many downspouts.

Now we have larger gutters, larger downspouts, no mishmash of sizes, and a much cleaner look. That was a great beginning to the day.

Plus they liked the cookies I baked for them.

Friday afternoon the children and I headed off for our first time volunteering with Open Table Nashville to set up the shelter for the homeless folks who would be staying that night.

We set up beds for 16 folks, which is nearly twice the number we host at our church. This shelter is held at a United Methodist Church which has a large gymnasium.

Ready to make some beds.
The space we had for beds.

It was interesting to see how different facilities organize space for the guests. The beds were set up quite close together, although the coordinator told us folks would push them around to get a little privacy. This shelter also houses both men and women. They have restrooms with showers, which is a bonus.

The church brilliantly had an attic space where the mattresses and supplies were stored. These were tough, plastic covered mattresses. (Think college mattresses that are pretty indestructible.) The coordinator told the children to toss them down the stairs.

Stairway to mattress heaven.

Let the fun begin:

It took us a little over an hour to make the 16 beds. The guests were arriving as we finished up the last bed, so we got to say hello to them and wish them a good evening before we headed out.

Buds was waiting for us at home, preparing a delicious chicken tetrazzini dinner.

Everybody helps.

We had a hilarious time as Monkey tried to get our google home to play her Peter Mayer song list. As you’ll see, technology will take over by driving us slowly insane.

Friday night is Family Movie Night at our house. It was Buster’s night to pick and he was open to suggestions.

Buds on the phone with my mom as she makes movie suggestions.
Buster chose “Strictly Ballroom.”
Buster thinks he still only takes up a little space.

I love how Buds has about 4 inches of space but still refuses to yield the couch.

Another delightfully relaxed Friday with those we love.