The Potter Bug Bites Again

The Potter Bug Bites Again

Monkey had read through Book 6 years ago.

Buster had gotten through Book 5 years ago.

Then their inner voices told them it was time to stop. Things in the World of Hogwarts and Voldemort and Harry, Ron, and Hermione…it was getting too intense for that point in their lives.

Last week, for a reason unknown to me, Buster picked up the 1st Potter once again.

Not to be outdone, Monkey dived in again, too.

It’s so much fun for all of us to talk about them, although we’re trying to protect Yessa until she’s ready to go through them, too.

Both the older children are reading all the way through the series in the hopes that getting a running start will propel them through the difficulties of Book 7.

We’ll see how it goes, but I am so excited to finally be able to talk about all the nuances and sorrows and thrills of the whole series with them.




I just suggested to Monkey that it might be time to take a break to complete some chores. She looked at with me with crazy eyes and I slunk away. I know the pull and promise of a good book.

I won’t break the spell.

Editor’s Update:

The Buster has finished book 7. Buster, Yessa, and I are watching the Potter movies we own. We are up through #3. Monkey has finished 6, but is taking a break before diving into 7.

Buster loved 7, despite the tears.

Give me a place to read and I can imagine a world.