Italy Trip - Day 50 - We Explore Rome

Italy Trip - Day 50 - We Explore Rome

Day 50! What a great number. The end of our trip is zooming toward us, but we’ve got a few last adventures to enjoy in Rome.

Just a quick post to say all is well. The lack of blog posts has been due to lack of time, not lack of stories.

Latest new word created on the trip: Droomy.

A combination of “droopy” and “gloomy.”

Yessa created it when she told The Buster he looked especially “droomy” one afternoon.

“I really thought it was a word!” she exclaimed.

And, they all tossed their coins in the Trevi Fountain, so I guess we’ll be returning to Rome.


The fountain collects 3000 Euros PER DAY, which is used subsidize a supermarket for Rome’s needy.

Glad we were here to do our part.