A Dishwasher?!

A Dishwasher?!

There’s a funny/insightful/interesting scene in the Steve Martin remake of Father of The Bride where the groom gives Steve Martin’s daughter a blender as a wedding present. She views that gift as a foreshadowing of the stereotypical roles her husband-to-be will expect of her after their nuptials.

The groom says, “I got it because I thought you liked margaritas.”

Flash forward to a recent discussion in our household about my upcoming birthday.

I will admit I am horrible to buy a gift for. I don’t want anything. If I need anything, I get it. I appreciate the love and thought behind gifts, and have been given many gifts over the years that I adore, but I know I’m not easy.

And generally Buds and I don’t “do” gifts. Again, if we need something, we get it. If I find something I think he’d enjoy or use, I get it.

So, imagine for a moment the following conversation:

Buds: “I was thinking I’d get you a dishwasher for your birthday.”

Prolonged silence while I turn to him in shocked disbelief.

Several words followed while I explained that “dishwasher” and “birthday” should not be used in the same sentence.

Suffice it to say I did not get a dishwasher for my birthday.

I was happy to find Buddie’s gift for next year though.

From here: http://zobon.en.alibaba.com/productshowimg/542691897-220870366/Toilet_Plunger_steel_.html
From here: http://zobon.en.alibaba.com/productshowimg/542691897-220870366/Toilet_Plunger_steel_.html

He can even pick the color.