Final Iowa Thoughts

Final Iowa Thoughts

There were a couple funny/insightful/delightful moments that I want to be sure to recall later.

First, and most importantly, I want to remember how much I enjoy time with my mom. We have such a comfortable, relaxed relationship and the quiet and coziness of her home was exactly what I needed for a couple days.

Next, at the airport an announcement was made requesting that the owner of the forgotten “Wolf Dip” return to security to retrieve it.

Don’t know what “Wolf Dip” is? You probably aren’t an Iowan.

I’d like to remember my cousin Scott’s lovely speech at Aunt Coke’s luncheon about the power and importance of family and what an amazing group the people gathered were, brought together by our love for this woman, but kept together by our shared memories and heritage.

On a less warm and cozy note, in the airport restroom in Des Moines, I was reminded of the awkward word usement from a t-shirt I received from the CrossFit in Altoona several years ago. The shirt read, “The sport of fitness has arrived to Altoona.”

I finally gave the shirt away because reading it hurt me.

Then I saw this in the restroom:


Okkkkaaaayyyy?? Fine sentiment, confusing execution.

Speaking of wordy, Mom and I also had wonderful dinners with both my brothers and sisters-in-law while we were there. Spending time with them is always a treat.

The comfort and kindness of Iowans is always a joyful reminder of the good people in the world. That’s most important of all.