The Buster came in search of company about 3:15 this morning. We wandered down to his room, and snuggled in for a few minutes to visit before settling back to sleep.

“Mom, would a perfect person be considered a superhero?” he asked.

“You can decide anyone you want is a superhero,” I replied.

“Then you are mine,” he whispered with a hug.

But wait, it gets even better…

As I’m snuggled next to him, enjoying the warmth under the quilt my grandma made, and the warm glow from my heart, I think, “this will make a great blog post.”

Then he says, “This needs to be a blog post.”

“That’s what I was thinking!” I laugh.

“I’m psychic,” he responds before rolling over to snooze.

Those moments in time where your world is in sync, those are moments to live for.

Moments of love
Moments of love