A Trip Around The World Update!

A Trip Around The World Update!

The move to Nashville and the trip to Ireland have been great opportunities for us to assess our lives and how we feel when we are living in a way that suits our family best.

With that in mind, we’ve made some alterations to the trip around the world plans.

Rather than being away for a year in one stretch, we are going to plan trips of 6-8 weeks, spread out over several years.

Ireland taught us how much we like having a home base.

We were all feeling anxious about being away for a year.

Nutmeg continues to be in outstanding health, and since some in the family would like to acquire more pets, taking multiple trips of a shorter duration gives us more options in that realm.

UU Congregations and CrossFit make very effective, instant communities. This serves us on trips of any length.

The flexibility of saving up our money and airline miles for the trips in clumps, rather than one massive swoop takes some of the stress off, too, and possibly allows Buddie to get that remodeled kitchen he pines for.

Wherever Jenny and Brendan land on their next assignment, we can plan a visit at our leisure, rather than trying to juggle them getting settled with us finishing up our year away.

There could be a couple Costa Rica trips, rather than just one grand finale stop. That idea makes us all smile.

We’ll share more information as the time draws closer, but suffice it to say you’ll be inundated by posts from Italy sometime in the fall of next year. Eight weeks in Italy? That sounds okay.

Woohoo, that's an idea I can support!
Woohoo, that’s an idea I can support!