I See, You See, We All See...Differently.

I See, You See, We All See...Differently.

This year’s trip to the eye doctor was today. Everyone is an old pro at this now, so very little stress.

After the last exam, the eye doctor turned to me with a funny look on his face.

“Your kids are very interesting. They all have one strong eye and one weak eye, but different eyes. One can see at a distance, one can see close up, and for Yessa the main issue is the discrepancy between the eyes.”

Monkey will only need to wear the glasses when she wants to see as well as possible. She’s near-sighted, so around the house she doesn’t need to wear them.

Buster and Yessa will need to wear their glasses all the time; except in the shower or when climbing trees. Or fighting zombies. Since they are far-sighted, they probably would prefer not to see the zombies real clearly.

Monkey’s eyes are pretty much the same, slight increase in prescription.

Buster needs a power up.

Yessa needs a power up.

Monkey and Yessa get new frames because their faces have grown. Buster gets a new frame because his old frame is about to crack.

And in another example of Monkey’s poise and flexibility, the first pair of glasses she picked out was beautiful, but cost $129. Buster and Yessa had found pairs they liked for $59. I asked Monkey if she would please see if there happened to be another pair that was less expensive that she liked as well.

“No problem.”

I suspect she hadn’t even noticed the price before.

She came back with a pair for $49 that she was perfectly happy with.

I was very thankful for her easy response. And very thankful we can take the children to the eye doctor.

I can't see clearly now...
I can’t see clearly now…